Now all that’s left of our Community is Playlists and a Pile of Cheese….

I have spent the last month thinking about why PASS Summit 2016 felt so empty to me.  I loved seeing my friends from all over the world.  The sessions were hit and miss, just like always, but I left feeling empty and disappointed. Summit is normally my time to recharge and get excited about SQL Server again. This year I had to find other things to get me recharged and it left me thinking, what was different?

I talked to a few other people that had the same experience and after talking it out, I think I found the problem. There wasn’t a community party. There were tons of parties.  Every vendor seemed to have a party and I spent a lot of time trekking around Seattle to attend them.    I saw a few people at each one but I never really got the opportunity to converse with the people that I only see at the community party.  I heard (mostly through the grapevine so it could all be misinformation) that stopping the community party was a way for PASS to save money and to allow people to attend more vendor parties. I think this may have been a misstep and my parents taught me to never bring up a problem without proposing a solution.

I would suggest that the vendors that do their own party change their course and instead sponsor a section of the EMP and bring back the Community Party. But Andrea, isn’t that the point of the vendor reception? If it is, why are they having separate parties? The Vendor reception appears to me to be a time for vendors to sell things and the community party is a time to come together as a community and celebrate. I feel like this year our community was fractured all over Seattle and never really had a chance to connect.

Our Community is what sets SQL Server apart from other database platforms. I want to encourage the growth of this community and offer this humble post as a way to make PASS Summit more united in the future.

Also, in no way is this meant as an attack on any one that serves PASS. I know everyone works really hard to make it a success and I would offer a huge THANK YOU!!! to all those that make PASS possible.

*Hugs* to my awesome #SQLFamily, #DataFamily


Today’s lyrics are from Matt Nathanson’s Playlist and Apologies

Lay your weary head to rest and run your query more…

Just coming from a wonderful week at PASS Summit. I sat in two separate sessions where this trick came up and watched as people furiously wrote it down.  Did you know that you can set a query to run multiple times in one command?  All you have to do is add “Go” and the number of times you want it to run.  For example:

GO 5

Will return something like this:


Super cool, right?  It was mentioned in both Brent Ozar’s and Argenis Fernandez’s presentations and I didn’t want to forget. Now you can easily run your queries more and create load on your test system without having to click run over and over again.

Today’s post features Lyrics from Panic! At the Disco’s Cover of Carry On My Wayward Son

Let’s get these teen hearts beating faster and send me your PASS 2013 pics!

Hi All,
I love the PASS Summit. One of my favorite parts is posting all of the pictures after so I can remember all of the happy memories. I would love if you sent me some of your pictures that I can include on my Magic Mirror Page. I have posted anything that was put out on twitter, but would be happy to credit you if you were the photographer. Thank you to everyone who shared and big hugs to you all!

Here are my pictures and you are welcome to share. You can also see the ones I have collection on the Magic mirrors page.   Thank you to everyone who has let me post their pictures and if I missed a credit on them, please let me know and I will add it.



Puttin’ down my story in a popular song and packing for PASS!!!!

It is that time of year again. PASS Summit 2013 is next week and I want to share my packing tips. I am a carry on only person and with all the princess gowns to pack, I have learned a couple of small tricks to help me fly with less.

Sample Size stuff – I have a clear zipper pack that I fill with sample size shampoos. It makes it super easy to pull out at airports to be checked by TSA. Sometimes when I stay at hotels and I like the shampoo bottles, I will bring them home and fill them with the shampoo and conditioner I like (Disney ones are my favorite). This allows me to have the shampoo I like that fits in my small zipper bag.
Space Travel Bags – These are super cool. You can roll the air out of them so your clothes compress down. SQL Compression in a bag for your clothes!!! Make sure your clothes are comfortable. You will be sitting and socializing a ton and it isn’t fun to be uncomfortable. Jeans and a nice shirt are perfect for all the events I have attended. (There might be a fancy event that I have been missing)
Two pairs of shoes tops – I love shoes, but they are a pain to pack. My rule is to wear one pair of shoes and pack the other. This allows me to have a comfortable pair and a pair that can be dressed up if I want. My comfy shoes also double for my exercise shoes. I have also found the “purse flats” shoes are nice to have and they can fit in tight spaces in case I need a dressy pair of shoes.
Simple hair care – I have super frizzy hair. This makes traveling to humid climates difficult. When traveling, I don’t try to curl it or make it super straight. Instead I have a flat-iron that can also curl the ends of my hair (if you want to see how, I can show you). I also take this opportunity to try out some really fun braids. If my hair is a little wacky at the Summit, you will know that the humidity has gotten to my hair.
Snacks – I have a gluten intolerance so it is super important for me to pack a snack in case I can’t find food. I usually throw some crackers in a ziplock and push all the air out. Last year I had a special banana bread that was super filling and served as a few late night snacks after a night out of fun.
Second bag – Don’t bring one. Plan to bring your laptop in your carry on. PASS usually gives out backpacks so you are going to end up with an additional bag. Last year I had already brought a laptop bag and thankfully it packed down really well. If you bring a second bag, plan to pack it on the way home.
Extra space – You might want to pack light on t-shirts and just pick up shirts to wear from the vendors. There is so much swag given away that you can absolutely skip bringing enough shirts to get you through the conference. I have had to wear more than one shirt on the way home before to make it all fit. Also, be sure to have room for souvenirs if you are the type of person that likes to collect those.

I am super excited to see everyone, please be sure to come say hi at the conference.

Like some kind of day dream I’ll never forget…I made the “Who would be your top speaker choices?” for PASS Summit 2013!!!!

This is just a quick post to say thank you for whomever put me on this list.  I can’t believe it, and am totally bouncing off the walls right now.  The survey results are here:

I will submit my abstracts now.  I was debating on if anyone would want to listen to me, thank you for making me feel important!  Keep your fingers crossed that I get accepted to speak. I have a different dress for each day of the PASS Summit, I just have to figure out how to pack them.  I hope to see you all there!

Have a magical day, I totally am!