Puttin’ down my story in a popular song and packing for PASS!!!!

It is that time of year again. PASS Summit 2013 is next week and I want to share my packing tips. I am a carry on only person and with all the princess gowns to pack, I have learned a couple of small tricks to help me fly with less.

Sample Size stuff – I have a clear zipper pack that I fill with sample size shampoos. It makes it super easy to pull out at airports to be checked by TSA. Sometimes when I stay at hotels and I like the shampoo bottles, I will bring them home and fill them with the shampoo and conditioner I like (Disney ones are my favorite). This allows me to have the shampoo I like that fits in my small zipper bag.
Space Travel Bags – These are super cool. You can roll the air out of them so your clothes compress down. SQL Compression in a bag for your clothes!!! Make sure your clothes are comfortable. You will be sitting and socializing a ton and it isn’t fun to be uncomfortable. Jeans and a nice shirt are perfect for all the events I have attended. (There might be a fancy event that I have been missing)
Two pairs of shoes tops – I love shoes, but they are a pain to pack. My rule is to wear one pair of shoes and pack the other. This allows me to have a comfortable pair and a pair that can be dressed up if I want. My comfy shoes also double for my exercise shoes. I have also found the “purse flats” shoes are nice to have and they can fit in tight spaces in case I need a dressy pair of shoes.
Simple hair care – I have super frizzy hair. This makes traveling to humid climates difficult. When traveling, I don’t try to curl it or make it super straight. Instead I have a flat-iron that can also curl the ends of my hair (if you want to see how, I can show you). I also take this opportunity to try out some really fun braids. If my hair is a little wacky at the Summit, you will know that the humidity has gotten to my hair.
Snacks – I have a gluten intolerance so it is super important for me to pack a snack in case I can’t find food. I usually throw some crackers in a ziplock and push all the air out. Last year I had a special banana bread that was super filling and served as a few late night snacks after a night out of fun.
Second bag – Don’t bring one. Plan to bring your laptop in your carry on. PASS usually gives out backpacks so you are going to end up with an additional bag. Last year I had already brought a laptop bag and thankfully it packed down really well. If you bring a second bag, plan to pack it on the way home.
Extra space – You might want to pack light on t-shirts and just pick up shirts to wear from the vendors. There is so much swag given away that you can absolutely skip bringing enough shirts to get you through the conference. I have had to wear more than one shirt on the way home before to make it all fit. Also, be sure to have room for souvenirs if you are the type of person that likes to collect those.

I am super excited to see everyone, please be sure to come say hi at the conference.

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SQL Server and helping people is my passion. If I can make someone laugh, I know I have made a difference.

One thought on “Puttin’ down my story in a popular song and packing for PASS!!!!

  1. Pat Wright says:

    I am amazed you can get even one princess dress in just a carry on. you are truly a talented person. 🙂 see ya next week!

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