Conditional Formatting in Reporting Services

I’m certainly no Reporting Services master, and far from a Business Intelligence Developer, but I do like to tinker around with reports for the bosses from time to time

I like Excel for it’s conditional formatting feature, especially in building heat-map type charts.

So I was looking for a way to replicate the functionality in SSRS and figured I’d pass it on:

Just as an example, boss comes and asks “Hey, what’s the busiest time of day for our order-entry website?”

This is easily accomplished by changing the Properties of the cell ( in my case textbox2 ) Fill > BackgroundColor > and click on Expression…



From here it is pretty intuitive… I select a color from the values field and using the SWITCH function can apply green for < 100,  yellow for 100 – 500, red for 500-1000, etc.

I end up using the more colors link down right to select a visually appealing color range.


This technique can also be used to create alternating background colors that makes a report more readable as used here…


It’s not magic, but logic. However, as Andrea says “Have a magical day!”

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