You can call it magic when I log WhoIsActive to a table

I needed to collect sp_WhoIsActive into a table, but the twist was that it is on my Azure Managed Database, so I had to get creative with how I did it. We needed an Azure Pipeline to run it, but we wanted to record it every minute and firing a pipeline every minute adds up fast. So we decided that we would kick it off once an hour and have the process wait for a minute and then fire until the hour ended. Then it fire again at the top of the next hour and the same process would happen.

First, I created my table in my special dba schema because this is for me:

CREATE TABLE [dba].[whoisactiveLog](
	[dd hh:mm:ss.mss] [varchar](20) NULL,
	[percent_complete] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[host_name] [nvarchar](128) NULL,
	[session_id] [smallint] NOT NULL,
	[login_name] [nvarchar](128) NOT NULL,
	[status] [varchar](30) NOT NULL,
	[sql_text] [xml] NULL,
	[wait_info] [nvarchar](4000) NULL,
	[blocking_session_id] [smallint] NULL,
	[blocked_session_count] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[reads] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[physical_reads] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[writes] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[tempdb_allocations] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[tempdb_current] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[CPU] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[used_memory] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[open_tran_count] [varchar](30) NULL,
	[sql_command] [xml] NULL,
	[database_name] [nvarchar](128) NULL,
	[program_name] [nvarchar](128) NULL,
	[start_time] [datetime] NOT NULL,
	[login_time] [datetime] NULL,
	[request_id] [int] NULL,
	[collection_time] [datetime] NOT NULL

Then I built my procedure to collect the value of the hour and set up a while loop for as long as the hour matches this collected value, I want it to load my results from sp_whoisactive into my table. Then I have it wait for one minute and do it again.

CREATE PROCEDURE [dba].[LoadWhoIsActiveLog]


EXEC sp_whoisactive 
	 @get_outer_command = 1
	, @find_block_leaders = 1
	, @output_column_list = '[dd hh:mm:ss.mss][percent_complete][host_name][session_id][login_name][status][sql_text][wait_info][blocking_session_id][blocked_session_count][%]'
	, @sort_order = '[blocked_session_count] DESC, [start_time] ASC'
	, @destination_table = 'dba.whoisactiveLog' 


It runs exactly as I wanted. I put it in an Azure Pipeline and have it fire at the top of the hour during our busy hours so we can collect usage.

The song for this post is Call the Moondust by Glen Phillips.

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5 thoughts on “You can call it magic when I log WhoIsActive to a table

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  2. Nice. From my experience I suggest you to create a stored procedure that cleans the table of logs older than 10 days (

    Otherwise it will be hard to query.

    • andreaallred says:

      This is a great point! I actually built a process that archives this into another table and only keeps what I want it to keep and that only stays around for a short amount of time. Guess I should add those notes too. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Cherry on the cake would be to render the results to a Power BI and make the data dance:
    Because so many times I collect data…. and then I don’t use them

  4. […] Last month I talked about how I started collecting data from sp_whoisactive. The long term goal was to analyze and tune those long running processes that are sometimes hard to quantify in Query Store. We had started collecting the data in a table (whoisactiveLog), but wanted to make a simple table that our Engineers could refer to and find the long running processes. We also wanted to archive off the whoisactiveLog into another table and save that for 70 days in case it was needed for further research on the tuning of processes. Each night, we have a break in our processes where we can do this maintenance so we decided we would empty the whoisactiveLog table completely. […]

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