Say what you mean, tell me I’m right and reset the identity….

Today I wanted to change the number in my identity column to be way higher. My plan is to union my new table with another table that has a low id and be able to tell what is coming from where.  I know that my old table will never got over 100,000 records, but to be safe I set the number in the new table to start at 700,000.  This is called seeding the identity.  You can also reset your identity this way.  Use caution when you are doing this because if you reseed the identity and it is lower than an existing identity in the table, it will complain when you hit that identity if you are inserting.   Here is my example:

DBCC CHECKIDENT ([Schema.TableName], RESEED, 700000)

Happy Planting!

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SQL Server and helping people is my passion. If I can make someone laugh, I know I have made a difference.

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