I’m no one special just a wide-eyed girl who got to meet Jimmy May!

Greeting and Other Salutations!

I have been excessively swamped trying to get some speaking topics ready for PASS (please oh please oh please pick me) and Utah Code Camp (http://utahgeekevents.com/) which I am also hoping to speak at next month.  But I have amazing news.  I met Jimmy May! I felt like a teenager when I met him.  He walked up and said “Hi, I’m Jimmy. ” I screamed back (and sorry to scare you Jimmy) “Jimmy May?!!!!” Yeah, it was awesome.  He is brilliant and so nice!  So what did I learn?  Some really cool stuff about columnstore indexing.  Do you want to learn it too?  Check out Jimmy’s blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/jimmymay/ .  He has also promised to post the video of me freaking out when I met him so it should be really fun.

My point to all of this, you can be great too.  Jimmy has worked hard to get to where he is.  He asked the questions, did the research and has the passion to continue to grow.  We all run into weird stuff (post soon coming about Agent Signing Certificates) that we don’t understand.  Take a few minutes, learn it and file it into your beautiful brain. Find your passion and be amazing.  I love this pep talk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-gQLqv9f4o) and have watched it multiple times in the last few weeks to keep me going.  Take his advice, dance and be amazing.  Save a dance for me too, princesses love to dance.



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SQL Server and helping people is my passion. If I can make someone laugh, I know I have made a difference.

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